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Underhood heat increases the rate of chemical degradation in the battery. To combat this heat, some cars have a heat shield that fits over the battery. If your vehicle came with a heat shield, make sure it is properly reinstalled following battery service or replacement. Vibration causes physical breakdown of internal battery parts. To minimize the effect of vibration make sure the battery fits properly in your vehicle, the hold-down hardware is installed correctly and the battery is secured firmly in place.


A malfunctioning charging system, whether over- or under-charging, will shorten battery life. Have your car’s battery, starting and charging systems tested annually to make sure they are operating at peak performance.

Warning Signs of a Weak Battery

You may be experiencing battery problems if you notice any of the following:

  • The starter motor cranks the engine slowly

  • The headlamps are dim, particularly at idle

  • The Battery/Charging warning lamp is illuminated

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